Keep your tiny fur kid in and other critters out with a Life Saver Critter Fence.

Do you have a critter problem? If you do, install a mesh critter fence! Here in Southwest Florida, everything lives and everything grows! You may have noticed critters enjoying your yard or pool area. While we love animals and want to keep all indigenous species protected, we don’t necessarily want the nuisance and mess of wildlife invading our pool and patio!

Install Bunny Fence – Keep Rabbits Out of Your Yard & Pool

bunny fenceBunnies are certainly cute and fun to watch. When they decide to invade your yard, they can destroy your flowers and landscaping. They also can cause a bit of a ruckus with family pets. By adding a layer of mesh around your yard, pool or patio, you can deter these bunnies and hopefully they will just hop along into your neighbor’s yard.

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Keep Cane Toads Out with Toad Fence

toad fenceCane toads, also known as Bufo frogs are also among the Undesirables. These cane toads as they are called or not indigenous to Florida. They also release a poisonous venom that can be very dangerous to pets or children. Not to mention they leave a huge mess when they decide to swim in your pool or enjoy your patio! Keep cane toads out of your yard with a cane toad fence. Call to discuss details with us.

At Life Saver Pool Fence of Southwest Florida, we can attach our Textilene mesh to your existing fence. Custom length, bordered mesh can be applied to your aluminum rail fence in custom heights. The mesh is attached to your rail fence to block bunnies and other wildlife from invading your home.  Bunnies, cane toads and other slithering species may find your pool and patio less palatable with a mesh fence thereby returning your pool and patio to the oasis it is intended to be!

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Small Pets Need Mesh Fence Too!

garden fence installationA garden fence may be perfect for keeping people from wandering into your private yard and provides a layer of protection for your yard and pool. However, if the gap under the fence is too high or the posts too far apart it may not be enough to keep your small dog from wriggling out. This can put your pet at risk for being lost or injured.

Fortunately, we can offer options to secure your pet whether your fence is made of wood or metal.

Do you have an aluminum rail fence around your pool or yard that is a great barrier for children, yet leaves your small pet at risk for escape?

At Life Saver Pool Fence of Southwest Florida, our Textilene mesh can add a layer of security for your pint-sized pup. We can apply mesh to your existing rail fence and keep your Chiweenie in the yard. This mesh is 87% translucent and will be barely noticeable to you.

Call us for an estimate for a custom length and height of mesh applied to your rail fence. Keep your fur kid in and other critters out!

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mesh critter fence installationIf you live in the State of Florida, call us at 941-500-9484 for an estimate for a custom length and height of mesh applied to your rail fence. Critter fence installation will keep your fur kid in and other small critters out!

Service Area Covered: Southwest Florida (the region along the southwest Gulf coast of the U.S. state of Florida)

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