Life Saver Pool Fence For Fur Kids too! Protect man’s best friend with a pool fence.

pugYes, most dogs are naturally good swimmers but sometimes they are too exuberant for homeowners. Also, even good swimmers may be unable to find their way to the pool ladders/stairs, putting Fido at risk. So, we need to keep them safe too, just like kids.

Not Every Dog is a Natural Swimmer. While most dogs are generally thought to be natural swimmers, some breeds or smaller dogs just aren’t good or safe swimmers. Keep them safe at home with a pool safety fence. Popular breeds such as English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boxers, Corgis, Bassett Hounds, Pekinese, and Daschunds are not good swimmers and should be supervised around water. A pool safety fence can protect your Mighty Dog from accidental drowning.

dogLikewise, dogs may have impaired vision or hearing, recent surgeries, skin conditions and other reasons why you want to keep them safe and dry. These are just a few of the reasons you might consider adding a Life Saver Pool Fence to your home.

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Mesh Safety Fence for Seawalls and Docks

Pets love Waterfront living too!

seawall fence for pet safetyHow many of us have let our dogs out to do their business and before we know it, Jack and Tucker are up to their floppy ears in brackish heaven? Pets may exuberantly jump into the water to swim or chase a bird, but they may be unsafe and unable to get out of the water on their own. They can’t use a ladder or climb back onto your seawall. This could easily lead to unwanted tragedy or injury for your beloved fur kid.

We know some of you would like to be able to control your dogs’ access to their waterfront playground a bit more predictably. Mesh safety fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Southwest Florida can help you do just that. When it is time for a swim, you can open the fence and gate. When it is time to stay clean and dry, you can keep the fence closed and keep your dogs out of the water, all while protecting your pet from accidental drowning.

Your dog may say, “Doggonnit! I want to go swimming!” But you’ll say, “Not today Jack. Today you’re staying clean and dry, I just mopped the floors!”

Mesh Safety Fence for Pets on Your Property, Not Just for Pools

mesh pet fence

Pool Fence aka Safety Mesh can be used for many purposes. How about a safety fence in front of your garage or driveway! Your fur kids can safely hang out with you while you spend time in the garage or in the yard, and you won’t have to be worry about their safety or whereabouts.

We have even done safety fence for cats and kitties, as custom heights can be done to keep them in the yard.

You can even create a temporary or changeable dog run on your yard to control your dogs’ access to specific areas of your property.

Life Saver Mesh Safety Fence can be ordered in custom heights, depending upon your pets and also custom colors to coordinate with the exterior of your home.

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Life Saver mesh pool fence for pet safety

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