If you need a Pool Fence DIY installed, an installation of a fence into existing holes, or just a Pool Gate to be purchased & installed, we can help you. We provide the following a la carte installation services in addition to our full service pool fence installation. To learn about full service installation, click here.

Service 1: Pool Fence DIY Installation by Life Saver

pool fence DIY installation Charlotte County, Fort Myers, Sarasota, FLIf you have chosen our Pool Fence DIY and want professional installation, give us a call!  We are happy to help you by installing your own DIY pool fence with high quality, professional installation. Our trained and skilled installers will design, layout, measure, provide drilling and place sleeves and anchors. Then, we will install your pool fence for you!

Pricing is by the foot and starts at $350 for layout, drilling and installation into concrete. Call Jessica at 941-500-9484 or contact us online.


Service 2: Professional Installation for Your Existing Pool Fence

Do you have a pool fence and you just need to have it installed by experienced and insured professionals at your home? Call us for the installation of your existing pool fence. We have the skill, experience, and all the tools to make your existing pool fence a layer of protection around your pool to prevent water accidents.

We will inspect your fence for quality and safe condition, re-design and layout a plan for installation, provide wet core drilling and sleeve placement to support poles, customize length and sections of your pool fence if needed, place anchors and latches where necessary and install for you for as little as $350.

You will receive the same professional installation of your pool fence as if it was our own. For paver installation, proper pavers sleeves will be used at an additional cost. We reserve the right to inspect a pool fence and choose not to install it if we do not feel that it will be a safe Layer of protection for your home. Call 941-500-9484 now!

Service 3: Installation of Pool Fence to Your Pre-Drilled Pool Deck

Do you have a pool deck that has already been drilled for a pool fence, and just need the fence? We can provide any of our Life Saver pool fence products and install into your existing pre-drilled holes.

We will measure the spacing between holes, inspect the condition of the pool fence sleeves, provide and customize pool fence sections and lengths to minimize re-drilling of any additional holes, add any latches and anchors that may be necessary, and install your brand-new pool fence.

Your pool fence will include the lifetime warranty that is provided with all of our new pool fence installations. Adding pool fence to your existing pre-drill holes, by skilled and insured professionals, with a lifetime warranty on fencing products for as little as $399.

Service 4: Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gates

self-closing, self-latching pool gateDo you have a pool fence but would like to add a self-closing and self-latching pool gate? We can help! We will place your gate where you want it, drill and install for you.

Your pool fence will be customized to create the space for your gate. We will adjust the gate for proper self-closing and latching and leave you with a key!

Pool gate installations can be done in concrete, gardens, travertine, pebble tech or into pavers. Gates are priced at $418. Call for installation pricing.

Contact us for pricing to add a gate to your existing pool fence. Call Jessica at 941-500-9484 or contact us online here.

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  1. How do you price reinstallation of my existing pool fence?

Pricing for reinstallation of your existing pool fence depends upon the number of feet that we will be installing. Just as pool fence is generally sold for a per foot price, pool fence installation is also charged at a per foot price. Due to the need to provide all of the tools, drilling and skill to install our own new pool fence, (and) the price of installing your existing pool fence, including wet core drilling starts at $348.

  1. What if I just need some replacement fence due to damage?

Do you have damaged pool fence segments and just want them replaced or repaired?  We can provide drop in segments for you to replace torn, worn or damaged sections. Just let us know what you need and we can provide pricing.

  1. What if I have a paver pool deck and not concrete?

If your pool deck is constructed of thin pavers over concrete, we use standard installation sleeves. However, if you have travertine or pavers over loose sand, paver sleeves made of PVC and aluminum are required to support your pool fence. This is also necessary to keep your pavers in place. Utilizing an 8 to 16-inch sleeve will be installed to ensure no shifting or lifting of your pavers as well as tight and secure installation of pool fence. These paver sleeves are provided to you at additional cost.

  1. Is the fence easy to take down once it’s installed? We only need it up when our grandchildren come over.

The fence system is very simple to remove and store. The entire fence going around a standard pool can be fully removed and stored in less than 15 minutes.

Contact us today to schedule your pool fence DIY installation! Call Jessica at 941-500-9484 or contact us here.