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Our Life Saver Premium fence which is patented for its “bend not break” solid core aluminum pole is the strongest pool fence available.

It has quadruple stitching on the borders for greater durability and it is available in many sizes and colors.

The nickel plated and double ended snap latches are much easier to use than the standard spring latches on other fences and this fence comes in a variety of heights and colors.

Life Saver Premium Solid Core has a Lifetime Warranty and is easily installed into concrete, pavers, travertine and even turf.

Depending upon your needs, the Life Saver Premium fence is the strongest with 135 pound break strength and therefore, it is the safest.

The nickel plated snap latches are a favorite feature of this fence because they are so much easier to use than the traditional single ended spring latches, yet are still secure enough to be safe for children.

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We keep brown and black 48″ fence in stock for quick application, but other sizes (24-60″) and colors (white, tan, green, copper) and can be installed within a week.

One option, which appeals to many of home owners is a 42″ Life Saver Premium Solid Core Fence in black. The height allows for a lower profile to preserve the view of the pool area and beyond and feels a bit more open. Black pool fencing is the most “fade away” in color as it is the least reflective, but the color choices we offer allow you to have exactly what you want for the best aesthetics.

The 24”-36” is our Life Saver Pet Fence and can be installed anywhere you can install pool fence. It is ordered for you and generally installed within a week.

Only Life Saver authorized dealers are able to offer this patented solid core pet fence. It is truly the safest.

We carry two other fences to meet the needs of homeowners. Our standard fence is a Pool Corral fence (you will see the X core aluminum reinforcements on most pool fences), which is fully reinforced aluminum and all powder coated color matched components. This fence comes in 48″ height and is available in brown or black. It has a Lifetime Warranty and a 50 pound break strength. This fence is our most economical, we install it all of the time as it is very popular due to its price point. Pool Corral fence does a great job to keep the pool safer and prevent water accidents. This is the fence commonly available with other pool fence dealers and price comparison with other companies would most accurately be with this fence vs. the Life Saver Premium Solid Core fence. We have quantities in stock as well as matching gates for fast installation.

We also carry Pool Barrier which is a Y core reinforced aluminum and is also available in brown or black at 48″. The cost for this fence is right in between the Premium and the Pool Corral, but we only gain about 10 pounds break strength. It has the same single ended spring latches as the Pool Corral. For this reason we generally recommend the Life Saver Premium Solid Core for the safest fence due to its strength or the Pool Corral as the most economical as we feel these fences provide the best values for strength, features, safety and in the case of the Pool Corral-price.

For Self-Closing and Self-Latching gates we have a Radius gate which is arched and a standard flat gate. They are double trussed for strength and not supported by the pool fence itself, rather they are latched to the pool fence at the trusses. The gates are key lockable and the hinges have adjustability for closure, we can have them closing fast or more gently. We will adjust the hinges to your liking, but usually we give it enough pressure for a secure closure without a slam.

Take a look at the information provided on the website as well as our reviews and photo gallery. Please share any questions or concerns and know that we are available and committed to providing the best products, with the best service and options to fit your needs.

Jessica Cooper, OwnerYou can reach out directly to Jessica at 941-500-9484 or at to schedule a Free on site design and estimate visit.

We hope to hear from you to help keep children (as well as adults and pets) safe from water accidents.

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