Keep family, children, guests, and pets safe with this essential layer of protection.

Life Saver Safety Mesh for your dock or seawall will:

  • reduce the risk of accidental drowning on your property around boat docks and seawalls
  • add a layer of protection between your home and the waterfront
  • help protect loved ones from falling into the water and reduce risk of injury
  • reduce the risk of childhood drowning, which is the #1 cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4
  • help protect pets from accidental drowning and keep them from entering the water when you want them dry
  • add a layer of comfort and relaxation while are enjoying time at home by reducing the risk of accidents on your waterfront
  • reduce risk of liability for injuries around the boat dock and seawall on your property
  • add security to your home and property when you are away

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Waterfront Living. The ideal way to enjoy your Southwest Florida Lifestyle. 

Southwest Florida is known for its friendly pace, Gulf Coast breezes, warm temperatures and water, water everywhere! Living on the water along one of our beautiful canals, bays or riverfronts is one of the best ways to enjoy Southwest Florida. Waterfront living often involves boat docks and seawalls as a place to launch and receive boats, store and maintain your boat, and bring people on and off your vessel for a day on the water. Seawalls serve as a barrier between your home and the open water. Your seawall is where you enjoy fishing or boat access, it is a place to be near and enjoy the water. The seawall also helps stop erosion of your property and protect it from water, waves and storms. Many afternoons or evenings have been spent enjoying a relaxing spot under the dockside tiki. Boat docks and seawalls give access to the water that we all love.

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But, swimming is hazardous around Docks and Seawalls.

Boat docks and seawalls are not always places for swimming. Seawalls and docks may or may not have ladders for easy entry and exit. They are also usually covered with sharp barnacles which can cut and scrape skin leaving it with open wounds and entry for bacteria. If a boat is tethered or in the process of docking, the waves can shift the boat toward a piling or seawall, putting a swimmer at risk for being caught between. This can be a very dangerous situation, not to mention the danger of sharp props and boat traffic in the neighborhood! After dark, there is added risk as the visibility is limited. Caution should be exercised at all times around boat dock and seawall structures. A slip and fall into the water around a dock or seawall can definitely put a damper on what should be an enjoyable time.

Drowning prevention for children. A serious risk in your backyard.

Drowning poses a tremendous risk for young children. In 2018, 88 children drowned in Florida. This is a problem that each of us needs to act upon. If a child were to enter the water in a moment of lapsed supervision or by accident, tragedy can happen. Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death for children between the age of 1 to 4. Drowning is quiet and it is fast. Protect children by making your dock and seawall areas safer. Install a child safety barrier between the children and the water.

Pets love Waterfront living too! So, let’s keep them safe with a mesh fence.

mesh fence with safety gateHow many of us have let our dogs out to do their business and before we know it, Jack and Tucker are up to their floppy ears in brackish heaven? We know some of you would like to be able to control your dog’s access to their waterfront playground a bit more predictably.  Mesh safety fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Southwest Florida can help you do just that. When it is time for a swim, you can open the fence and gate. When it is time to stay clean and dry, you can keep the fence closed and keep your dogs out of the water.

And, while dogs are thought to be natural swimmers, sadly, pets drown each and every year in pools and canals.  Some breeds, such as the super cute French Bulldogs or Pugs can hardly swim at all!  Smaller dogs would not be able to get out of the water on their own after falling in and larger dogs who swim well could not use a ladder, even if one were present.

Life Saver Pool Fence.  Keeping your loved ones safe around the pool AND around the boat docks and seawalls for over 30 years.

We want to help you add a layer of protection so that your family, friends, children and pets can enjoy their outside time while reducing risk or worry of accidental drowning. Mesh safety fence from Life Saver Pool Fence of Southwest Florida can do just that!

Make your boat dock and seawall safer.

boat dock mesh safety fencingAdd a layer of protection for family, guests, pets and children. Mesh safety fencing is a strong and affordable way to make your seawall and boat dock safer. It is easily installed and easily removed, but while in place mesh safety fence will reduce the risk of accidents, injury and death to your loved ones from entering or falling in the water.

Additionally, mesh safety fence along your boat dock and seawall puts a barrier between your home and unwelcome guests.

The mesh safety fence can deter others from entering your property from along the waterfront. Self- closing, self-latching gates come with a lock and key. Mesh safety fence sections are latched together from the inside of the fence and can even come equipped with Perma-latches which can make entering your property from the boat dock, seawall and waterfront more difficult, thus adding a layer of protection for your family, home and property.

We install more than pool fences.

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